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1650T EVA foaming press exported smoothly

Recently, another 1650T EVA foaming press made by Jinhe was successfully exported.
11 2022/01

Equipment maintenance

After the oil press is installed and debugged on the customer's site, the customer not only uses the oil Press correctly, in order to ensure the normal use of the oil press, it is also necessary to regularly maintain the oil press.
30 2021/12

Jinhe equipment delivery site

Recently, in order to meet the requirements of customers, under the circumstances of tight time and heavy tasks
30 2021/12

Selection of hydraulic oil viscosity

Select the appropriate viscosity hydraulic oil. The system with high temperature and high pressure should use hydraulic oil with higher viscosity, so that better lubricity can be obtained. On the contrary, the system with low temperature and low pressure should use hydraulic oil with lower viscosity, which can reduce energy consumption.
10 2021/11

Vulcanized shoe mixing process

Plasticizing is a processing process that changes rubber from an elastic state to a certain plastic state. Properly masticated rubber, the compounding agent is easily mixed into the rubber compound during mixing
10 2021/11

Did you know that oil contamination can damage hydraulic components so much?

Various pollutants in the oil cause various forms of wear of components, and solid particles enter the gap of the moving pair, causing cutting wear or fatigue wear on the surface of the parts. Erosive wear is caused by the impact of the solid particles in the high-velocity liquid flow on the surface of the element. The water in the oil and the products of oxidative deterioration of the oil have a corrosive effect on the components. In addition, air in the oil in the system causes cavitation, causing erosion and damage to component surfaces.
10 2021/11
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